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Preparing for the IB diploma, especially during Senior year, can be a very challenging experience for everyone. Expectations are high and time is scarce. In order to make the best out of it, you need to be very well organized and meet according deadlines. I offer specific IB German (Literature SL/HL, Language & Literature SL/HL) support for literary analysis (written assignments, oral and written exams).


The focus will be on literary analysis (what to look for in a literary text and how to properly interpret stylistics elements), essay writing (how to plan and structure your essay and follow your thread) and individual/interactive oral preparation.


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   Get support for:


  • German Literature analysis (e.g. stylistic devices & their effect)

  • IB German exam prep (past papers analysis)

  • Essay writing  (e.g.how to plan and structure a written assignment)

  • Oral exam prep

IB German Support

(Lit SL/HL, Lang &Lit SL/HL)

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