Want to learn more about learning?


School could be so much fun - if it weren't for all the learning & studying involved, right? Too bad, as learning is all about exploring and discovering knowledge in a creative, fun and playful way!


Regardless of your age or the material being studied: your brain wants to be taught in a stimulating, interesting and diversified manner. All of that can be majorly influenced by the right learning environment & nutrition the used material & its structure, or relevant study skills and memorization techniques. Let me share my expertise on the brain and its learning preferences with you!

  Work on your:


  • Time management & organizational skills

  • Test taking skills

  • Writing & reading skills

  • Information processing skills & speed (text analysis)

  • Memorization techniques

  • Executive functions

  • Stress & anxiety issues

Study Skills Coaching


      (Elementary through High School)

Brain Health


Additionally to teaching my students valuable study skills, I always try to educate them about brain health. As recent research in various fields is showing, there is for example a strong connection between our gut and our brain - everything we consume therefore directly influences our brain and its cognitive abilities. Physical exercise, sleep and other factors also play a crucial role for how our brains develop - especially during teenage years. As a parent, you can always contact me to learn more about those elements. I also regularly provide healthy snacks during my sessions with students.

AD(H)D Support


Students with AD(H)D symptoms or weak executive functioning in general will benefit from some additional, "neutral" guidance outside of school and home. The focus of our sessions together depends on the student's needs: from time management strategies to backpack organization or concentration & working memory training - I will be introducing and applying long-term strategies in small, incremental steps. Feel free to contact me to discuss your student's needs.

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